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War on Christmas Returns: Nationwide Briefing

It’s that time of year again when a few secularists try to ruin the Christmas season. They inhabit towns that have decades of Christmas traditions that supposedly upset their sensibilities and ask that all references to Christ, Christmas Trees and even good ol’ Santa Claus be removed. Here are some of the Grinch’s who are trying to steal Christmas from America and the lawsuits that are being filed against them.


Congressmen can’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ in mail by Mark Tapscott

Our mailboxes will be less full this Christmas season as the Congressional Franking Commission has ordered Congressman to not say “Merry Christmas or Happy New Year” if they are using tax dollars to send their greetings. Senators, on the other hand, are allowed to use officially related funds to send their greetings thereby getting around the Franking order.

From the Washington Examiner: “Currently, incidental use of the phrase Happy Holidays is permissible but Merry Christmas is not,” said Salley Wood–a Franking Commission spokeswoman.

The rules on Holiday messaging are ridiculous and House members should reach into their own pockets and send out personal Christmas greetings. Americans would be proud to receive a greeting from any House member who used their own personal funds to stop the war on Christmas and send out a Christmas card.


Attorney: ‘Silent Night’ is Unconstitutional by Todd Starnes

The annual Christmas program will go on with the singing of ‘Silent Night’ after the principal of G.W. Trenholm Primary School consulted with attorneys. The Alliance Defense Fund will represent the school for free if a lawsuit were to develop.


School Vows to Fight For Nativity by Todd Starnes

Superintendent of the Green County Tech school district in Arkansas says ‘enough is enough’ and puts up Nativity that recently had been taken down. Jerry Noble had received some complaints about the Nativity that said “Happy Birthday Jesus,” but believes it should stay proudly placed on school bulletin board.


Atheist Messages Displace California Park Nativity Scenes
by Associated Press

18 spaces traditionally held by Christians to display scenes of the birth of the baby Jesus go to atheists who use the mangers to mock the existence of God.

California School Reportedly Bans Teachers From Displaying Santas, Christmas Trees & Poinsettias in Classrooms
by Billy Hallowell

Even the traditional Christmas poinsettia is forbidden. Apparently the bright red color flashing from the plants yelled stop to this Stockton Principal who thought the plant would offend.


Parents’ fury after Cherry Knoll teacher strips word ‘gay’ from Christmas carol Deck The Halls… to try to silence children’s giggles by Beth Stebner

Children must not be allowed to sing the original meaning of the word gay (happy, merry). Webster would be disappointed that the original meaning of word has been lost and won’t be taught during the Christmas season.

New Jersey

School Yanks Carols Featuring Santa, God & Christmas by Todd Starnes

By banning the words God, Jesus, Santa, Christmas & Chanukah from their seasonal repertoire, West Windsor – Plainsboro High School South, will be left to sing Baby It’s Cold Outside and Jingle Bells. As one parent put it, apparently singing about Santa is going to change someone’s belief system.


With no ‘Christmas,’ Tulsa group plans own parade by Justin Juozapavicius

A new Christmas parade is started after original Christmas parade title was changed to Holiday Parade. Tulsa will now have a Christmas parade that celebrates the reason for the season.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s ‘holiday’ tree remark angers thousands — and the Roman Catholic Church by The Associated Press

While Governor Lincoln Chafee confesses that he says ‘Christmas Tree’ in his own house, he does not have the courage or conviction to state those words in the Rhode Island state house. Instead he says ‘Holiday Tree’ and angers residents and the Catholic Church. Christmas Carolers show him the way by singing “O Christmas Tree.”


Fort Worth School District bans Santa and gift exchanges by Jonathan Saenz

In order to avoid having any religious messages this Christmas Season, Fort Worth ISD hastily removes Santa Claus, presents and Christmas cheer from December.

Big rally set for Saturday in Athens by Michael V. Hannigan

After an out of state group demanded that a nativity on government property be taken down over 1000 Christians will descend on Athens to support the citizens’ pursuit to keep their Christmas Nativity. The “Henderson County Nativity Rally” will defend faith and point people to the light of Christ.


Skeleton, Dressed as Santa Claus, Nailed to a Cross Removed from Christmas Display (Video)  by Jim Hoft

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved this man’s request to display a skeleton Santa Claus. Only problem with his message was that he nailed Santa to a Cross. An offended citizen removed it.

Town Vows to Defend Nativity “Until Hell Freezes Over” by Todd Starnes

All it took was one complaint to an atheist organization and a letter was sent requesting that the Nativity be removed. But Pastors are fighting back against secularists who want to remove the Nativity that has been adorned on the Courthouse lawn for decades.

Media Icons

Jon Stewart Declares War on Christmas; Battles With Fox News  by Jeff Schapiro

Stewart is Jewish and his wife is a Christian, so I would imagine around their house, the term Happy Holidays works wonders. But I would guess that Stewart’s rant is more at Fox News than it is at Christians wanting to keep their beloved Merry Christmas. As expected,  his audience eats up his comments and that is what he is paid to do.

Johnny Depp’s Blasphemous Christmas Song Mocks Jesus Christ (Video)  by Jim Hoft

Is Johnny Depp as crazy as his Pirates of the Carribean character Jack Sparrow? Apparently so.

Legal Resources

Liberty Institute offers a free Public Schools and Christmas PDF for Teachers and Parents to know their rights.

Liberty Council offers a legal memorandum to help guide public officials and schools regarding Christmas celebrations in public schools.

The American Center for Law and Justice offers a Christmas Resource Center that “clearly spells out what is permissible when it comes to expressing the religious origins of the holiday season by erecting nativity scenes in your community.”

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